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So it’s true or so I’ve heard (more like read). Yes they are racist. Who called them God’s Children, (wait Obama did that). I am right in not confusing it with that whack hippie cult, you know of California.. David Berg if I rember the name correctly. 

So back to the topic,  it’s sealed now. The jury is still out for some but for me the long suspicion has finally been met with a nod (Thank you Canada, finally I am able to mention you). The crawlers in some your homes, which you welcome with sounds like Aww.. So cute.. are really racists. No they were not hassled or were made like that. Seriously toddlers only eat, burp and shit. But still they are racist. 

Hmm.. Not to worry. 

Just make sure that to break this racist ceiling your toddler is surrounded by other toddlers of different races (that shouldn’t be too hard to do).. 

Oh before I forget, Canada, University of Toronto did that study.. (Google, babies are racists before using any foul language in comments section).

Shut your Pie Hole

It will be a quick post. I am typing as I am thinking. 

Yesterday, I think I opened gates of hell for myself when I commented on other persons website. “Choices are given, than they are made.”  This is my line. (Yes I have been saying it from God knows when..) 

So no price for guessing here that three different comments, all on three different sites (thankfully not at the same time) were misinterpreted. 

So here are the choices I am left with, 

-I have to shut my pie hole

-I have to be politically correct in all my statements. 

– I have to comment less and less

-I can just leave everything and say Sayonara. 

Hmm.. Tough choices. So I can’t do 1. I am already an introvert in real life. And the whole point of starting this ‘Journey’ was to read other people work, comment and critique on them. (As they do in mine) 

So, what about 3 and 4.

Hmm.. I understand that sometimes when I push someone they may or may not like it. But I never had any experience with social media. This is my first online presence stage. And in my defence I am here for less than 2 months. 

But again as someone pointed out (correctly I might add) it does not give me a right to interfere. 

So, even if I comment less. There is a chance that I can ruin a person day (or night for that matter). 

I am still contemplating on the 4th one. But I have invested tons of my energy here and I can’t just pull the plug. 

So, what to do? Wait there is option 2, 

Well till I figure that out, I will remain quite and try to remain politically correct with my answers (if the situation arise that I do need to answer them). 

I will TRY to post regularly (and not stay dormant)  but on comments, let me just say I will be a bit more strict. I will comment but with less zeal and more politically correct undertone. (If at anytime I will feel like that this is not me, I will stop and take a break). 

So, see you around. 

The End.. 


I have never realised your importance. The world seemed so small when you were there, but now when you are gone, the same world seems so vast and empty. I miss you, oh! How I miss you. 

The cruel destiny has taken it’s toll. You left me with this hollow room. And now as I wait to move on with my life I cannot help but think if I will ever find anyone like you again.. 

As I see them take out your lifeless body, I am reminded of the times you acted like a gate and protected me from the privy eyes of this cruel world.

“Where to”, he asked?

“It’s a wooden toilet door, eaten by termites. To junkyard, where else”, I said. 

“Hmm.. HomeDepot here I come.”  


“If you successfully investigate and report this story your freelancing days are over.”

“Really, my freelancing days will be over? ”

Finally I could be a real reporter.

“I will arrange the costume and the mask. Just behave normally like you belong in their group.”

True to his words, James my editor, did procure both; the costume and the mask.

“Now remember, these guys meet in secret regularly but annually they hold some kind of festival or ceremony,in which all group members attend and participate. These are powerful people. Don’t remove your mask. If you get caught, you are done for.”

I could still hear James warning ringing in my ears. The bare room was filled, only with masked men.

Suddenly three guys appeared on the stage. The noises in the room slowly died out and the grave silence was now echoing loudly. It was unbearable for me as I thought under this murderous silence the scream of my heavily beating and fearful heart will demand unnecessary and unwanted attention.

The middle guy was wearing a fox mask. He moved his index finger in a circular motion. Slowly the mask behind the mask of these powerful men revealed their ugly faces. Everyone was now donning (their) true faces.

But I didn’t know what the sign meant. So I didn’t remove the mask. Only the 3 men at the stage (like me) didn’t remove their masks.  Among these people with hidden intentions, my intentions were now exposed. The man with the fox mask raised his hand and two men captured me.

The man with the bull mask than said these words, “The volunteer has come forward”.

I was laid down on a table. And before I could understand what had happened the bull and lamb masked men restraint my moments by holding my arms. The fox masked man now pushed a dagger through my heart.

As the rushing blood slowly started draining my life, the fox masked man whispered something to me. “Thank you, for being the sacrifice.”

There was no denying it. It was James voice. I could see his grin behind that mask.

As my mind was loosing it’s voice, the members started singing a verse,

The beautiful fire, it will spread.. 

Going where others fear to tread.. 

And everyone will be caught in flames.. 

And our names will only remain.. 


For Sue Vincent’s Thrusday photo prompt

Lollipop Moment

The flickering shadows beneath the gap of the door, signalled that the intruder is now trying his best to open it. 

This is not the first incident we have in our house. The past few weeks have given us sleepless nights. My husband and I are thinking about how to tackle this situation. 

Although different solutions were discussed, a direct confrontation was finally decided to be the best alternative. 

I was perplexed by the nature of this problem. Was a direct confrontation really necessary? But still it was a way better alternative than to ignore such incidents. 

My husband now has also woken up. We looked at each other and decided to slowly open the door. I was in front of my husband. I didn’t want to be seen as weak. My husband didn’t protest. 

As we opened the door, we realised the intruder was not paying attention to our door anymore. He has now his gaze fixed on the door of my ‘warrior-princess’. My baby who was sleeping in her crib. I don’t want him to wake her up. I touched the intruder shoulder. Seeing me and my husband he knew that he was in trouble. 

He must have realised that his activities have woken us up. I looked at my husband. He walked up to the intruder, picked him up and before he could protest, took him to his room. 

My three year old ‘little man’, the intruder, was finally arrested. 

The post is inspired by Allison post.


(I am borrowing a tale from my pal. The brackets represent inner voice) 

“Today is a good day.” (Say it louldly dammit) 

“Today is a good day.” (Once more) 

“Today is a good day.”(One more time) 

“Today.. ”(interrupted).. 

A woman’s voice… “You do know what today is, don’t you?” 

Dammit, The question that put immeasurable fear in the hearts of married men.. all around the world. 

Birthday, Anniversary, PT day, Soccer day.. 

“Today is not a good day. 

Today’s disastrous… at least for me..” 

The End..