A long await… 


As the dawn breaks I saw someone approaching me.. I was hiding myself from everyone. I didn’t  know how to escape. It was difficult for me to accept the consequences of what I have done but I had no other choices.. 

The urge was irresistible and I gave it in to my needs. Like a perfect hunter I gazed for a spot so i can satisfy my desires and than look around to make sure I was alone.. 

And now this. “No, this can’t be happening”, I screamed silently.  If they found out I will be as good as dead. But it was of no use. As the shadow approached nearer and nearer I closed my eyes. I prayed that I would be avoided and left alone. But than the voice broke the silence, “Taking a Crap? Don’t look worried mate. Its New Zeland not Rome. Besides you got no place else to crap in these mountains.” 

From a distance I could see that same Kiwi taking a position similar to mine.  I was relieved.. 

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

2 thoughts on “A long await… ”

    1. Thanks.. Glad to know someone who knew Chaos too. But I didn’t create mine, more like it met me. It was a creation of Others.. And now privately Humor helps me to forget it.
      To each his own battles, defeats and victories..


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