She watched them as they flew. Magnificent Beast called birds. While she was chained and confined, her desire to fly grew stronger and stronger.

Others who were chained liked her had no interest in flying or her ideas of freedom. They feared the outside world and would not risk their lives for a fantasy like flight.

But she waited. And a day finally arrived when the wind lifted her. Her chains were broken and now she was flying. As she danced with the wind she saw many prying eyes. But she continued to dance.

The wind soon left her. All alone, she started to fall deep into the abyss. When she finally reached the ground she could hear the rustling sound of her former companions.

As she closed her eyes, someone picked her from the tree hole. It was a human child. As the child stared at her, she for the first time heard her name, “Leaf”. 

FOR Sunday Photo Fiction.Thanks to Eric Wicklund for the photo prompt!

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

5 thoughts on “Freedom”

    1. Thanks…When the leaves fall.. it happens so quickly.. And I thought.. They fly only to fall.. It was always on back of my mind.. The photo brought the desire back.. A single, smiling Leaf.. That’s all I could see..


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