38 thoughts on “A bumbling world”

  1. remember when we were kids and you’d spin, until you got dizzy enough to fall down – and then we’d make it into a game of freeze. Spin, fall down, freeze how every you fell. And then one person (the IT person) would then walk around and do silly actions to make you laugh and the person that laughs first (loses and is the next IT person) – see this what we did before there was the internet and a computer in every household.

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    1. Yeah.. Summer Holidays meant getting your butt outside of the house.. Not place it in the couch.. No internet.. If for some reasons you are bored.. Let your imagination run wild..


                    1. That’s a bummer.. Hopefully things get sorted out.. One thing you can do is check the server log errors.. If it is a problem it will be highlighted there..


                    2. Well, than its not recommended. Although to be honest. I too don’t know much about it. I am now searching the support forms, but i don’t think they are providing much help there.. If you want you can post there.. Hopefully things get sorted out soon..


                    3. Thanks! I’m ashamed to admit it, but when I look on the support forums I haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. Life’s too short to learn computer jargon. If I was fifteen I could probably contemplate it, but not now!

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