AsylumTailored Nightmares

“How are you doing today”? 

“I don’t know. How about you”? 

“Same old, same old. Are you going to be sad again? Everything will be alright”. 

“It’s a desire, it’s  a hope that someday i will be free..”

“I know, but you have still to conquer  those demons manifesting inside of you…”

A knock on the window.. Interrupts our conversation..   

“Who, the hell are you talking with”? 

“You know me, sometimes I talk to myself..” 

“So what were you talking with your imaginary friend..”? he asked as he crawled through the window to enter my room. 

“Well Q was telling me that everything will be alright”.. 

“And you believed the Q person”.. 

Yes, i did. 

He was now looking at me with contempt. 

“You really are a low life to not be strong enough to face your demons.. Do you think you can save yourself by not going out and getting trapped in here..”? 

I thought about what he said. 

“But the demons. They are real”. 

“No they aren’t real. You only have them inside your head. You let them control you, even though you created them”? 

His unsympathetic glance, and the coldness in his voice left my mind filled with doubt.

Should I just escape from here. 

His thoughts were again disturbed. This time by a knock on the door. 

Three persons came barging into my room. 

One of them removed my jacket. The second one picked up my pillow and handed me the straight razor that I was hiding. The third one smiled. 

“What are you doing? The straight razor was our secret”, I said to the second man. 

“And why did you remove my jacket”, I asked the first person. 

I slapped the third person for smiling. 

“Come on you can’t be here. You have to get out. Crawl out through the window. Hurry” 

But no one budged. 

The door once again opened. He was not paying attention to me. He noticed me only after he had put the food on the side table. 

“How did you remove the jacket. Who were you talking to”?, he asked with a trembling body and fear filled eyes. 

As i pulled my straitjacket and collected my straight razor. I looked at him and said, 

“You know me, sometimes I talk to myself..” 

A silent-scream.. 

Other than mine.. 

Filled my room.. 

For the first time.. 

And i could clearly hear someone saying to me, “Make sure that his clothes don’t get dirty”. 

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

12 thoughts on “Asylum ”

  1. For a dark tale, I laughed out loud on the “I slapped the third person for smiling. ” I just keep thinking of the Cheshire cat and how annoying of a grin he has.

    The other day (in comments) I had brought up recurring nightmares on Fandango’s blog post. And you had indicated you had some crazy ones… was this one of them?

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I’m going to be in a Straitjacket soon. My left eye, seriously continues to twitch daily (no lie) – has been for a few months now. Probably too much caffeine and computer monitor “screen” time.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Why do women always do that? My mom suffered from headaches but silently.. They realised it was migraine.. Only when she finally could no longer bear it.. Man are not like that.. Selfish.. We are..Get it checked.. Do it.. Do it..


              1. Okay master Yoda: “mmhh, selfish we are”

                I was hobbling around last night – (I did too much on my feet – but the kids needed an outing and then the car needed to be cleaned – it was disgusting) – The summertime doesn’t bring much work… so I don’t want to pay a $40.00 co-pay just to be told “stay off your foot, reduce your caffeine and lose some weight” Or worse…have them wrap my foot when I have to get packing done – I’ll do that when I’m in Oregon!

                Liked by 1 person

                1. You know I sometimes forget you are a Mom.. But please( i can’t stress that enough).. If it’s the first thing you do, get yourself checked up there…


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