My first attempt for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt

The photo of the bird, caught still in time somehow reminded him of his own situation.

He can’t move forward, 

He can’t move back.. 

The world is moving, 

But he has lost all track.. 

Can someone guide me, 

 Which road should I take…? 

Should I fall alone into abyss, 

Or take someone with me instead..?

He hummed those lines. He knew that something inside of him has snapped. He took his bag and went to the office.

As he sat there drinking coffee, he realised that his life had lost all purpose. He was a lifeless suit of meat with no soul. He remembered his father telling him that the soul could be seen in the eyes of the men. He went to the washroom and looked at his face. Nothing, just emptiness in those eyes.

He turned and opened a stall and sat comfortably on the toilet seat. He picked his bag pulled out a gun, stared at the washroom door and started humming another poem,

                       Lying in await, 

     It will catch you unware. 

          But don’t worry child, 

         As the end is not near. 

                        Fight and kill, 

            As many as you can, 

       Than finally your soul, 

Will stand with brave man. 


Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

33 thoughts on “Veteran ”

      1. WHat- I can’t think up phrases like that! I thought it was cool. I would love to insert it into some of my writing – but for some reason, it doesn’t match my content. I might have to challenge myself some day. I did a pretty funny post using someone else’s crazy line of “Filthy cheese whore.” I was so proud of myself! I wonder if I can locate that post. I don’t know if it was on this blog or my old one.

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          1. I imagine it can be annoying, being around someone that seems to live life on “uppers” – but that’s me on normal oxygen.

            I can be serious. And I am, I just do it as sacrcasm or the light side view. Dark comedy. I’m afraid if I follow Darth Vader’s advice and join him on the darkside, I’ll never return.

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            1. Hey..
              We all have
              Our battles
              That we fought..
              Some were won..
              Some were lost..
              But it was friends..
              Who kept us going..
              Even when we settled..
              With us they roamed..
              I am..
              Truly great..
              For such great friends..
              Who occasionally..
              In public..
              Pull down..
              My pants..
              To put a smile on our faces.. Of course..

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              1. Hahahah! that reminds me…

                I was always “best friends” with guys… starting with the neighborhood boys – playing street baseball and such / riding our bikes … and I could never understand the whole “pants-ing” that they found so humorous. They didn’t do it to me. But to one another!

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                  1. I will (haven’t yet) – I’m expecting my friend to drop off her kids momentarily – we’re watching them until tomorrow…so I got get them settled and figure out today’s activities. For the most part they are old enough, but our place is small and there are a lot of hours to account for… we got to figure out how to separate the (2) older kids from the younger siblings. Who gets the living room and video game and when. Etc. I just realized I have NO SNACKs (gasp)

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  1. Okay, so I had to follow you and this new challenge – and I was stumped on the photo. I wrote something completely different and way out of my element. (definitely room for improvement) All I got to say, it’s a good thing I was on a Johnny Cash kick. At least, I don’t think it’s boring. (hope not) – otherwise, I would have been clueless, no creativity.

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