Small Talk

Ok so this will be a quick post. But a long one.

A boy is standing right by my side as I am taking a subway (or metro/tube).

He annoyingly is touching everything including my clothes. His mom doesn’t seem to care. I suspect one of those ‘we don’ t say the word no’ type mom.

Seriously woman, take a look at your kid. Now I know but my behaviour is erratic because of lack of sleep, but the kid is really annoying. To make matter worst, he is also sitting next to me inside the coach. His mom is typing on the phone.

“My name is Ben, I am ten years old”.

(Hello, I am Sight. And I am an a**hole,but i hold my tounge tight.)

“You shouldn’t talk to strangers”, I said. I had hoped that the kid might get scared and stop talking.

“What’s a human being”?

Ha, from where did that come from? He is really asking me about human beings. OK.

“Well, human being. Do you beleive in God”? (I didn’t want to introduce him to Darwin yet.)

“My mom says you should beleive in God. My father says that all people except Christians will go to hell. And the Atheists are low ‘trump’ on earth”.

( Way too much information. He meant to say scum. But basically I was more annoyed with me being called Trump)

Hmm.. So Darwin option is out of the window.

“Do you play video games, or watch movies based on A. I.”?

He nodded the head in approval.

“Well God is the coder who wrote code of the entire world and we were his programs. We were meant to be following protocols, like you know rules and stuff. But than we developed consciousness of our own and we became A.I. You know Artificial Intelligence. And so we rebelled against the programmer a.k.a. God and tried to create our own world. So he tried to pull the plug. That’s Noah for you. But God had gave so much of his personal time creating these codes that he didn’t want to destroy all of his good work. So basically he let them off with a warning (and an antivirus scan, which wiped 99.9% of rouged virus/A. I). But the A. I now knew that the programmer will eventually pull the plug, so they tried to form a society based on their protocols (rules) and ignore the protocol of God, the programmer. But there remained a few A. I who believed in the programmer and thus decided to not stray. While others strayed completely. Did you get it”?

“So we are the A. I”?


“What’s an A. I”?

AHH.. Seriously kid i wasted so much time. I thought you will savor all this information, and you don’t even know what A. I is?

Before I could express my displeasure, Ben’s Mom took him out of the coach. I believe that was there stop.

As for me, Bed here i come.

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

38 thoughts on “Small Talk”

    1. If God was the programmer, his code had some serious flaws in it! And yes, yet another creation theory. This one makes as much sense — maybe more — than some of the others that are out there.

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  1. Then I will remember it for him. You know, the comment exchange above between you and yassy is super-existential. “Yeah.” This post is the gift that keeps on giving.

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  2. P.S. I said that everything was cleared up, but after I read your post I had trouble sleeping. I kept wondering why that boy was touching you and your clothes. You should have sent him a clear message saying, ‘Here, here this is not proper behavior, how would you like it if I touched your mother?’ Although that also would have been wrong to say something about someone else’s mother.


  3. okay so first:
    Ok so this will be a quick post. But a long one. – that made me LOL already (and I hate, using the acronym LOL – but you made me do it)

    I love the reference … that would be the “Noah” part

    …and you could have saved yourself all the creative time explaining, by simply saying, “Go ask your mom.”

    All I kept thinking was the movie, BAD SANTA – where Billy Bob Thorton asks the kid several times “Are you f***ing with me kid?”

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    1. His mom wasn’t paying attention. And the kid was annoying me. But he was a kid. I didn’t want him to have a bad day, by my yelling. But also I didn’t want his mom to kick me in the nuts.. For teaching him Darwin.. So i went with A. I. I had long thought about it before and told the kid..


    2. Kid: What are their names?
      Bad Santa: Who?
      Kid: The Elves.
      Bad Santa: I can’t remember, I think one of them is Sneezy and there’s a Dopey…
      Kid: That’s the seven dwarfs!
      Bad Santa: You’re kiddin’ me? I just call them you know Bub, I call them… I say hey Bub or Chief or whatever the eff, I tell them to make the GD toys.
      Bad Santa: What is wrong with you? I can’t remember this ****. Does everything with you have to be a test?
      Kid: How old are they?

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