Eyewitness grave

“Close, come close. A little closer that’s it. Perfect”.

“Now, I know killing something or someone is bad. But in full public view and being proud of it. That was just plain disgusting”.


“Come on he couldn’t speak. He couldn’t tell. And they killed him. They should have followed the laws. It was later they realised he was deaf-mute”.

“Grave injustice. And Cops doing that”.

“Hey fellas, do you think the house feels the same way like that deaf-mute kid”.

“Hahahah, Good one. We aren’t killing anything here, Drek”.

“Yeah just memories”,said Drek. 

Silently witness

Multifarious Memories

Deafening Silence


Prompt:Sunday Photo Fiction. Photo provided by Mike Vore.

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

13 thoughts on “Eyewitness grave”

    1. Oh, No I am sorry. The first sentence is implying the movement of heavy machinery. It’s a common phase you hear around construction sites,when they move heavy machineries. The shooting of a deaf-mute wrongly by police because he couldn’t express is similar to that of a demolition of the house as the latter is also mute. That’s the reason Drek said Just memories.
      I am intrigued as to why you liked the post.


  1. Okay, thanks for the explanation, but the comparison is just too much of a stretch for me, sorry.
    And Drek’s comment was the one thing I did understand!


  2. I understood the story after reading your reply to ceary, and then I really liked how you put the story together. You have given me some ideas for my own story writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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