It cherish 

The smell of meal


It comes.. 

And in your ears, tease.. 


To it.. 

You are left, mystified.. 


You can’t.. 

Ignore it’s voices in your life.. 


Is done.. 

And new thoughts, emerge


In you.. 

And inside your body, surge

   And as it see

                     The empty hole

                                  It salivate       

                                  Before eating your

                                         Edible soul          

Author: Sight11

A lover of all forms of human expression.... From arts to literature...

10 thoughts on “Depression”

      1. I have gone through some difficult times, which included some upsetting experiences, like bereavement over the loss of my parents, breakdown of my marriage, numerous instances of unemployment and an assortment of other failures, but I never get depressed, because I have the resilience and fortitude to succeed and I know that as bad as things look, that they can always get worse.


  1. You told it. Mic drop. Maybe that’s not quite the best hype for this subject manner. Loving the visual effect (or is it affect-have yet to master this unmasterable language-see, I just made up a word) of the downward spiral these thoughts and feelings take us. Just had a thought of Alice and Dorothy. Were they depressed? Was that the real reason they entered into alternate realities? Depression can be described as such. So can optimism. In any case, I enjoyed reading your poem.

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